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5 Things You Need To Know This Week

Moving on to the third cover story of our Morena Muse and August 2018 #CalyxtaGirl, Gabbi shows us a more candid side this time around-an everyday Gabbi who gets a little bit more comfortable during our interview, laughs and jokes around, and is not afraid to share that like any normal teenager, she sometimes gets lazy to do the chores at home (I mean, to be honest, who doesn’t?), and even gets reprimanded for it-something we don’t normally see in her usually bubbly and exceptionally colorful Instagram feed. Sometimes, we tend to forget that even our favorite cover girls have lives away from the limelight and do even the most mundane things-like doing the dishes. And it’s exactly these tidbits of information that make them even more real to us. Read more about our cover girl and what she normally does outside of shoots and promotions.

As an ode to the Filipiniana, we listed five modern Filipiniana OOTDs we love, and what beauty looks to pair them with! Check out these five Filipinas, and why we love their modern looks so much!

As one of those who road test and vote for products that deserve to be in the Calyxta Beauty Awards, it’s always an exciting journey to see which ones of our Managing Editor’s picks have made it to the list of winners. One new category that was added this year was the Best Newcomers—products (whether old or new in the market) that Calyxta brought in just this year, that instantly became a hit among our customers!

If you’re not very sensitive to these terms, it’s quite easy to make the mistake of taking both terms as the same thing (guilty!). Nowadays, brands are constantly throwing bottles and packages with “all-natural” or “organic” labels stamped across them—but what do they really mean, and what’s the big diff? Well, lucky for you, we’ll be breaking them down in this article!

The much raved about Glossier swept through the beauty world like a welcome hurricane and produced cult-favorites that beauty junkies are continuously gushing about. This includes their must-have Balm Dotcom, a multi purpose balm that claims to treat practically every skin issue from head to toe. Its popularity status didn’t come lightly. But if you’re looking for dupes, check out this article that Calyxta Beauty Contributor, Ari Yupangco, wrote!

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