Calyxta Beauty Club

Hey, Gorgeous!

Join the exclusive Calyxta Beauty Club to get points, freebies, and special rewards when you invest on yourself! We have exciting collections and exclusive items lined up for all our gorgeous members. If you’re a a big and loyal spender, expect even bigger and special surprises in store for you!

So, here’s how it works:

  1. Upon registration, each new customer will receive a welcome e-mail with a *P200 discount code or a **FREE product applicable on their first purchase.
  2. Reward points will be given to each customer for every purchase. P50 is equivalent to one (1) point.
  3. Reward points will also be given when:
    a. A customer refers a friend. Customer gets five (5) points for every verified first purchase of at least P500 from each friend referred.
    b. A customer reviews a product from a verified purchase. Each verified review is equivalent to five (5) points.
  4. Reward points can be redeemed at the following point increments: 150 and 300
  • *P200 discount code can be used with a minimum purchase of P1,500
  • **FREE product is subject to availability

See available rewards here:

Got any questions? Let’s answer them!

How do I become a part of Calyxta Beauty Club?

Sign-up and register an account on Calyxta to be an exclusive member of the Calyxta Beauty Club.

I already have an existing account on Calyxta, will I have to make a new account to be a member?

No, all existing accounts are automatically members of the Calyxta Beauty Club. No extra sign-ups are needed. But! You are not eligible to use the P200 discount code or free product anymore when you’ve already previously purchased on Calyxta. Don’t worry, we have a lot of surprises in store for our exclusive Calyxta Beauty Club members! 

How do I earn reward points?

There are three (3) exciting ways to earn points: SHOP, REFER, REVIEW. 

1) SHOP: You will earn points every time you shop on Calyxta. You automatically earn one (1) reward point for every P50 spent on Calyxta.

2) REFERGet your friends to sign-up and buy on Calyxta to earn bigger points. You automatically earn five (5) points when your referred friend shops at least P500 worth of products on Calyxta. 

3) REVIEWEarn five (5) points every time you review a product you’ve purchased on Calyxta. So, you’ll only earn five (5) points when you’re a verified buyer of the product you’ve reviewed. You won’t receive points if you’re not a verified buyer of the item you reviewed. 

How do I avail of my reward points?

You can redeem your points for every 150 or 300 worth of points earned. So, better keep on collecting your reward points until you reach a total of 150 points or 300 points to claim your exclusive item. 

What do I do with my reward points?

You can use your reward points to claim exclusive products available only for Calyxta Beauty Club. These exclusive products aren’t available on our shop page, and can only be purchased through reward points. Your reward points can’t be used to deduct from the total amount of your purchase.