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Mehron Skin Prep Pro Review

I didn’t know what to expect out of Mehron Skin Prep Pro, but it became a great surprise for me. What I’ve read up on Calyxta about this nifty black bottle of clear primer was that it “acts as a moisture barrier between skin and makeup while maintaining that sought after fresh finish.”

Glad to have tried it for the first time (Tip: Don’t directly dab it on your face. You place it on a cotton pad and pat it onto clean skin.), it initially felt tight on the skin but once it dried up, my face felt like a blank, smooth canvas that’s ready to take on any makeup application. The Skin Prep Pro might make foundation a tad hard to spread initially, but once you get the groove of it and set it with powder, the makeup just won’t budge.

I used it during my daughter’s birthday party where I knew I was going to be running around all afternoon in a hot basketball court, and it made my skin stay flawless the whole time. Another good thing about this primer is that it’s not pricey, making it something great to have in your bathroom cabinet for those special occasions when you need that extra staying power:

I would recommend the Mehron Skin Prep Pro if:

  1. You have oily prone skin, which makes makeup have a hard time stay on your face.
  2. You’re looking for an affordable skin primer that will make your skin handle makeup better.
  3. You’re looking for a primer that’s fragrance free.
  4. You’re looking for a primer that’s suits your sensitive skin.

Text by: Cat Juan Ledesma


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