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Malissa Kiss White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

I’m sad to say I can’t show any before-and-after photos because the effects of this product can’t be seen yet on photos. Nevertheless, Calyxta girls, you have to try the Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack! My skin loves it! Here’s my review.

First, let me share my skin description: I am extremely oily, which results to lots of acne. That means I have dark spots and scars everywhere. So I want a product that can lighten my scars but won’t bleach my skin. I just want a brighter complexion.

Second, let’s talk about Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack. I read that Asian celebrities absolutely love this bestselling cream from Thailand. It’s an overnight mask suitable for all skin types. My oily and sensitive skin was skeptical but when I tried it, I was so happy I didn’t break out. It’s made of all natural ingredients like Vitamin C and concentrate collagen. Skin is made more vibrant, radiant, clear and supple.

Third, here’s what happened when I used it:

The Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack comes in a sealed jar with a special pump cover that dispenses just enough product. I love that! No contamination, and you get just what you need. On a clean face, I apply the cream and that’s it! No serum or moisturizer needed. You’re only supposed to use this cream twice or thrice a week. So you can skip your other products when you use this. After application, I sleep. Then I woke up to a different me!

Effects can be usually seen after using it four to six times, but I immediately noticed two things when I woke up after the first use:
1) I wasn’t oily
2) I didn’t break out.

That’s a big deal for me because my oily skin is always, well, oily, and my sensitive skin reacts to everything! I’m now on my second week and while my pimple marks haven’t disappeared, I noticed they were lighter. My pores seem smaller, but maybe that’s because I’m not so greasy anymore. Less grease, less pimples! I haven’t had a breakout since using this product. I can’t wait to see how my skin will look like with continued use!

So, ladies, I highly recommend the Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack. You’ll wake up to better, radiant, and glowing skin! 

Text By: Frances Sales



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