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Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder Review

Coty is a brand we all grew up with, and this particular product, the Loose Translucent Powder, has really stood the test of time. The brand, which was founded in Paris by Francois Coty but is based in New York, was made popular because of what is now known as the iconic loose powder. The powder is well-renowned because of its exclusive Microspun formula where loose powder particles are spun and swirled until they reach a cloudlike softness. This ultra-smooth powder claims to hide tiny lines, wrinkles, and blemishes—giving a new softness to your skin.

The Verdict

We put the powder to the test, and as you can see, the powder is virtually undetectable—even under harsh light like a camera flash. This is a wonderful feature because unlike most powders that are colored and aren’t as finely milled, this one goes on seamlessly and doesn’t add color—only a veil of smoothness to one’s complexion.

Take for instance Nicole Kidman’s infamous photo taken at the premiere of one of her movies. We now know that although Nicole left the makeup chair looking polished as ever, there was no way to tell that her under eye area had been dusted with a way-too-fair shade of loose powder that unfortunately, was also way too bulky so it didn’t get dusted off as effortlessly as a finely milled one would. Once all the paparazzi started using their heavy duty flash on her, it was downhill from there.

Nicole Kidman

Without flash

With flash

The texture itself is extraordinary—super soft to the touch and extremely easy to blend. I applied the powder over my liquid foundation, and it helped set my makeup for the entire day—no touch ups needed!

Text by: Agoo Bengzon

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