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Calyxta’s Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Review

Ever since I started going out to attend events or parties, I’ve always been forgeting to carry my lipstick around in case I need to retouch. I end up ruining my lipstick after I eat or drink, and have nothing to reapply on my lips to fix it up! So I tried to find the perfect lippie to cater to this bad habit.

Around Valentine’s this year, Maybelline finally brought the Superstay Matte Ink line to the Philippines. Of course, us Calyxta Girls just HAD to have first dibs on these new babies. And funny enough, we all fell in love. (See it in my faves in this year’s Calyxta Beauty Awards). But how could a liquid lipstick this cheap stay on for more than 6 hours? It’s true! To prove it, I did a little road test for all of you, so you’ll know just how effective this new-found gem can be.

I was going to attend a friend’s birthday party, so I took it as an opportunity to test out the Superstay Matte Ink. I chose the shade VOYAGER since it was the one that suited my mood and outfit for that night. It’s a dark and vampy almost-maroon that would suit both fair and morena skin tones. I applied it at around 8PM that night. This time, I remembered to bring it in my purse in case I needed a touch-up, since I knew I’d be eating and drinking all night.

Taken at around 8PM after I first applied it

The lippie’s formula is very thick, but once you apply it on your lips, it’ll dry into a thin matte layer. The doe-foot applicator is in a weird reversed teardrop shape, with a hole in the middle and a pointy tip. It makes it very easy to apply the product evenly and precisely onto your lips. It’ll take a while for it to dry up completely, but once it does, it’s kind of hard to clean up the edges if you make a mistake, unless you use an oil-based cleanser and a cue tip.

When I got to the first venue, which was Perfect Pint in Greenbelt, my friends and I started to eat and drink immediately. By this time, the product had already dried up completely. I took a sip of my beer from the glass, and VOILA! There was no sign of my lipstick on the glass whatsoever. The formula really is transfer-proof. We ate some bacon chicharon and oyster sisig, and still no sign of my lipstick transferring to any of the utensils.

After paying the bill, we went to the birthday celebrant’s house. This was already around 11:30PM. We were waiting for the clock to strike 12. We drank more alcohol, and ate carbonara and cake. I looked in the mirror at around 12:45AM, and the inner part of my lips was starting to lose product. So I opted to retouch just a little, just to see if the product would clump up or darken. After just one swipe, the bare parts became colored again, and I felt one swipe was already enough for the touch up. After smacking my lips a few times, I realized that the product did not clump or darken at all. It stayed the same shade as the original, and it still felt like a thin layer on my lips. But after a few minutes, the product didn’t dry to a matte finish anymore. My lips felt a little sticky. So I would assume that once the first layer is dried up, when you reapply, it won’t dry down matte anymore. But that aside, it was so heavy-duty that it was able to stay on my lips for almost five hours without losing coverage besides the inside of my lips!

How it looked at 3AM

I got home at around 3AM, and I had to check my lipstick one last time. And OMG, it still looked great! I actually didn’t really need to reapply it the whole night. I finally found the perfect lipstick for those lazy girls (like me!) who don’t like bringing their makeup around everywhere they go.

I would definitely recommend this to every beauty junkie out there. Even if you’re not a lazy girl, you MUST have this in your makeup kit. For those long nights of drinking, or even food trips with friends. You’ll surely be Instagram-ready, even after stuffing your face!

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Ming Bagaforo


Ming is Calyxta’s crazy in-house Graphics and Media Artist. You may have already seen her in some of our quirky Product Reviews and Videos. Her favorite Calyxta find is the CLIO Kill Black Brush Pen Eyeliner, which she uses for her signature Ming-liner look!

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