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5 Campus OOTD Trends and Makeup Looks to Pair Them With

The college community is like its own little world, so naturally, the people have grown to make their own unspoken agreements within their society. This is especially obvious in the communal campus style that you’ll see everywhere in the country. University students have fused together functionality with fashion through their cross-represented, ultra-comfortable yet chic outfit selections.

And what’s a better way to spice up your favorite clothing trends than with a stellar make-up look to boot?


Gone are the days when casual chic just meant skinny jeans. Now, the high-waisted mom jeans popularized in the 80s have made a huge comeback especially with college students opting for breathable and loose outfit pieces to get them through all the inevitable walking.

Match the 80s trend with 80s actress Christie Brinkley’s famous island girl look. Combine Pink Sugar’s HD Lipstick in Butter and Sun Bum SPF 30 Face Stick for the perfect natural vibe.


Easy, breezy, beautiful—three things we all aspire to feel amidst a chaotic amount of schoolwork, and three things tie or wrap tops just happen to be! With so many suffocating requirements, it’s no wonder why this loose top has been making rounds on campus.

Keep with the fresh effect by dabbing on the Rivecowe Correction Convenient Cream to form a bright and wrinkle-free base. Healthy-looking skin is the goal here, so make sure to use Rivecowe Chiffon Lipstick in Coral Pink for a subtle pop of color.


Our country is no stranger to the rain, so it’s only expected that our exempted-from class-suspensions college students have found ways to sport the coolest outfits while still remaining dry.

There’s just something about the downpour, lack of sun, grey skies, and humidity that has the ability to take an inherently vibrant makeup look and turn it into something bland and dull in contrast to its surroundings. Streaks of highlight with the W7 Glowcomotion is the best way to feign a sunlight-induced natural shine!


One foolproof way to look put together is to match any top with a pair of well-fitted culottes. The length and structure give an air of professionalism without even trying.

Spice up the semi-corporate bottoms with a fun eye look! The Colourpop Jenn Ne Sais Quad’s neutral-to-dark shades are the ultimate cross between subdued and bold.


You don’t have to be sporty to get your athleisure fix. These vintage ASICS kicks have been taking universities by storm, and just by look, its sleek design leaves no room for surprises as to why.

Recreate your Onitsuka Tiger pair’s design by matching its color scheme to your desired shade of the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Browns with a cat-eye flick mimicking that of the shoe’s stripes, courtesy of the Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser-Intense Black eyeliner.

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