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3 Crazy Rich Asian Characters I’m Excited to See

It was early 2017 when a good friend from Poveda urged me to read the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, and to let her know what I honestly thought of the books after I read them. Though I’m still halfway through the second book (China Rich Girlfriend), reading the first book was a total joy and a breeze, as I loved the lightness, humor, and very specific details—from the way author, Kevin Kwan, wrote about the food, down to how he was able to expound on the fashion.

It was exactly this time last year when I met Kevin Kwan himself during an exclusive signing, where he read a short part of the third book, Rich People Problems, and semi-confirmed that local celebrity and endorser, Kris Aquino, would indeed be a part of the movie.

And with the release of the movie here in the Philippines this week, Crazy Rich Asians, I can only look forward to not just the casting and how the actors would be portraying the crazy rich (in every sense of those words) characters, but also the fashion and overall look that I hope would be able to justify how the writer described them! Here below are three characters I’m really looking forward to seeing:

1. Rachel Chu played by Constance Wu

First and foremost, of course, is the lead character, Rachel Chu, played by the very charming Constance Wu. I got used to watching Constance Wu as Jessica Huang in Fresh Off the Boat (who is so hilarious!), so it would be a nice break to see her play another character with a different personality. Rachel Chu, a professor from New York University, is the girlfriend of another lead character, Nicholas Young, who invites her to fly to Singapore to attend the wedding of his best friend (and another crazy, rich Asian), Collin Khoo. Little does she know that Nicholas Young belongs to one of the most affluent families in Asia, and is the most sought-after bachelor in all of Singapore. With the whirlwind of events she suddenly has to attend, most especially what everyone is calling the wedding of the year, Rachel is inclined to wear designer clothes from head to toe—and those looks are precisely what I’m excited to see!

2. Araminta Lee played by Sonoya Mizuno

Araminta Lee, played by Sonoya Mizuno, is the celebrated fashion icon fiancee of Collin Khoo, and who once modeled for famous designers like Alexander McQueen. The statuesque way that she’s described makes me eager to see how her wedding will transpire.

3. Astrid Leong played by Gemma Chan

Last but not the least is Astrid Leong, Nicholas Young’s extremely fashionable cousin dubbed by everyone else as “the Goddess” because of her beauty and impeccable fashion sense. The sophisticated way she carries herself, and how she gracefully deals with certain situations in her “crazy rich” family easily make her my favorite character in the books.

Crazy Rich Asians will be in cinemas this August 22!

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